Friday, March 24, 2006

The Fruit of Faith is JOY!

Personally, I have been learning some very valuable lessons about the "fruit of faith." The best way to describe life on the edge, consistently taking steps of faith, is "hard but good, challenging yet rewarding." I recently have been faced with challenges in ministry almost everyday, which give me no choice but to be dependent on God for the results. As a result of these challenges, or "opportunites to trust God", I'm often (not always) led to trust Him, His Word, and His power in me. If I could do it all in a familiar environment, oh how it might be easier, but would I feel the desperate need to trust God? Maybe I would try to explain things on my own instead of trusting the power of His Word. Would I experience the same joy of seeing God work through me? This is the fruit of faith, and this is how the fruit of faith is joy; elated because God showed His great power, satisfied that He gave you a glimpse of His glory. Friends, we are so blessed when we seize opportunities to step out in faith, and we see God move in us and through us. Let's not miss out on the joy He can bring!

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