Monday, August 21, 2006

Fishing in the Sequoias

You wouldn't believe me even if I had video to prove it. We found the hottest fishing hole west of the Mississippi on Saturday. Father-in-law-to-be and Brother-in-law-to-be and I went on an excursion to bring rainbow trout to extinction. A 3+ hour hike in, and a few close encounters with danger, only to find all the fish waiting for us. We couldn't keep our poles in the water! 7 casts in 7 minutes... 7 fish! None were smaller than 12 inches. See the pictures to believe it. Sunday lunch was quite possibly the best part ;-)

Just some of the fish we caught...

Amazing terrain


David Chesney said...

Tell your father-in-law-to-be that I've seen him hold up that stringer of fake fish in at least 3 other pics. Sure, the background changes, but the fish remain the same. BTW, thanks for inviting me and my sons on your family bonding outing. We like to hike and fish too. Signed, Your soon to be favorite uncle-in-law.

Keith Gloeckler said...

Just what I expected from my brother-in-law. As his children's favorite Uncle, one would think that a higher level of respect would be forthcomming to a man of my standing. The truth is plain: Fish fear me. I see'em scoot away every time my shadow crosses a pool. It's obvious.