Sunday, February 11, 2007

Our dear friend Dwight Schrute

We love Dwight Schrute. He makes us laugh more than any other character on tv these days. Michael Scott comes in a close second, but our laughter is more directed at him than anything else. You may not be a fan of The Office quite yet, but we think you should give it serious look if you haven't yet. For those of you who are office lovers, we salute you for your patronage.

One of our favorite things about Dwight is his perpetual need to be anal about everything. He never dares crack a smile. He can be annoyed by anything, convinced to do anything, and coerced to believe anything that comes from sneaky sales associate cool-guy Jim Halpert. My favorite prank was when Jim sent a fax from "Future Dwight" to Dwight, telling him that "today's" coffee had been poisoned. Dwight sprints over to Stanley's cubicle and knocks the whole cup of hot coffee out of the unsuspecting Stanley's hands. It's ridiculous.

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