Tuesday, May 15, 2007

Business as Mission - Twelve Compelling Reasons...

Business as Mission (BAM) is a growing movement among mission-minded business people and churches. For years now, I have believed that God is calling me into some field where business and mission intersect. As I was browsing the Business as Mission Blog, I came across this list of 12 compelling reasons why BAM promises to be a significant part of the church's missions-efforts in decades to come. Take a look, be inspired...

BAM provides a model for sustainable missions, overcoming chronic problems of dependency in developing countries and encouraging greater stewardship of money worldwide.
2. BAM takes much needed and sought after business expertise, technology and capital from the developed world to developing countries creating greater economic justice.
3. BAM creates jobs! And with it empowers and gives dignity to many lives.
4. BAM grows the local economy and blesses the nation.
5. BAM provides access to many locations and relationships, especially the increasing number of nations now considered closed to missionaries.
6. BAM presents the gospel by word through meaningful relationships.
7. BAM presents the gospel by deed.
8. BAM enables local funding of the church.
9. BAM taps into a highly underutilized yet highly capable resource in the church—business people. They get a chance to give more than just their money but their lives as well.
10. BAM is a valuable partner for more traditional mission efforts lending towards desired holistic ministry efforts.
11. There's a great opportunity in our world today. Business is going global, mission should go with it.
12. BAM helps economically blessed Christians fulfill the commands of Jesus (see Matthew 25:40ff; 1 John 3:17).

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David Whalley said...

great post. BAM sounds like a great thing. providing that blessing of other economies is huge. there really is a need to raise up leaders and workers in those nations so that they can be self-sustaining. thanks for the thoughts, much love, peace.