Saturday, May 19, 2007

My New Getaway Place

Today was our once a quarter "Day with Jesus". It's really great to work for an organization that strongly encourages/requires that we take a day with Jesus periodically, for our souls to be refreshed and rejuvenated by the Lord.

On this particular Day with Jesus, I found a gem. As I was hiking up onto one of the mountains around this beautiful San Luis Obispo valley, I found this... I don't know who built it, but someone spent some serious hours putting this thing together. The greatest part was that it was right at the crest of the huge mountain, perfectly positioned to block the howling winds (which would have been quite distracting if I hadn't found this gem), and it overlooked a huge part of the central coast, from Oceano to Morro Bay.

I felt like testing my creative side a bit, so here are a few more pics for good measure...

Thanks to Picasa for the partial B/W filter ;-)

The 101 freeway, sepia tone.

Can't leave out Mt. Madonna and Bishops Peak

and an experimental panorama view... click to enlarge

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