Sunday, June 24, 2007

Santa Monica Summer Project Update #2

We've been without internet for a week or so, and I'd like to say it's been a nice change. Unfortunately, I just realized how connected to the internet world we are. Email, news, catching up with friends like yourselves... we're people of the new age, I guess.

We've been in Santa Monica for over 2 weeks now. Our students have all arrived and have gotten settled. The main focus of our "project" is to re-think our methods of evangelism, and learn to develop new tools and strategies for connecting with people about the Gospel. Whether we're in a shopping center in a major US city, on a university campus, or in rural parts of Central Asia, we need to be asking God, "How can I make this amazing message of grace and love known and lived out by the people around me?" So, that's what we're doing here. It's really fun! We're being stretched a lot, and we're gaining a new perspective of what it means to proclaim the mystery of this Gospel.

A few pictures from the summer thus far...

Our Impact Group

Guys and gals who meet together a few times a week.
We love them all.

Trinity Baptist Church

Little known fact... this is the church where the movie "Father of the Bride" was filmed! Anyone recognize it?

Peet's Coffee

We hate to admit it, but we've become coffee snobs, and it seems that we've joined all of the others who say Peet's is just better than all other coffee as well. We're hooked on iced vanilla lattes. Anyone else have an opinion?


Some excitement last week, when a small cd/dvd manufacturing place went up in smoke across the street from our summmer home. It was quite the sight, with dozens of fire trucks and hundreds of people out to watch. I think this had something to do with our internet going down last week...

We'll try to keep posting as much as we can!


Peggy said...

I also believe Peet's coffee is the best!!!! Greg & Carrie -- we are praying for you this summer. Blessings, blessings, blessings -- Randy & Peggy Curran

jonathan said...

now, let's be honest here... i don't think anything that peet's coffee offers could hold A CANDLE to SPR coffee.

admit it.


Steve Jones said...

Hey Greg. I am glad that somebody is reading my blog. That is so cool. I am having such a blast here. I can't wait to read more about Santa Monica. I can't wait to be back in SLo with you both. You are go to be there, right? Anyways thank you for your prayers. I am going to go pray for you as well right now actually. Love yo bro,

Steve JOnes

Mitesh said...

PEET's Coffee??? Hah. I'll accept this as long as you meant that it's the best coffee outside of SLO. Don't forget the nautty bean!

I like your goal: "How can I make this amazing message of grace and love known and lived out by the people around me?". I'de like to hear some examples later..

Good luck!