Saturday, June 09, 2007

Santa Monica Summer Project

We've arrived at our summer destination, and Santa Monica is apparently a BIG summer spot for many in the LA area. Some interesting things we've found thus far include:

1. Thousands of people congregate at the 3rd Street Promenade (pictured below), which is an outdoor mall with dozens of shops, restaurants, and really impressive musical street performers.

2. We've heard over 10 different languages being spoken around us thus far. I'm sure there will be dozens more. I bought some flowers today and got to talk to this guy in Chinese for about 20 minutes. He complimented me on my Chinese name, saying it was "hen hao". We're a little sheltered in SLO, so we've been missing out on the whole culture thing! We're lovin' Santa Monica for this.

3. Our staff team is really cool. 16 of us from all over California, Arizona, and Hawaii.

4. We're living in an older, unique motel called the Palm (let's just say there are several coats of paint on all the walls). Our favorite part is the motel owner, a Greek guy named Spyros, who comes by everyday and feeds about 100 pigeons, who have made their home here at the Palm since he started feeding them 7 years ago. Makes for some nice company all day. Carrie especially likes the silk (as in fake) daffodils "planted" in the dirt planters outside our door. Adds to the ambiance.

Please be praying for:
-- Us, the staff, that we will have guidance with how to lead the 60 students that show up next week.
-- Boldness and Spirit-leading as we initiate spiritual conversations with hundreds of people each week.
-- Pray, too, that the Lord would give us creativity with how to approach people with the Gospel. This "project" we're doing is aiming to make headway on some of these things.
-- People here in Santa Monica to recognize their need for God, and to be open to discussing who Jesus is.

Thanks for the prayers!


turner88 said...

Sounds like you are having a great time so far. Santa Monica is a fun place to hang out, especially in the summer. Thanks for constantly keeping us updated with your ministry. You and your team will be in our prayers as you share the love of Jesus to this lost and broken world. Go Squires!

Amanda said...

Sweet memories of the Palm fill my head... We're so excited to see the legacy of SMSP continue! Give 'em Jesus!!!

The Grundstroms

Amy Erickson said...

Carrie! Santa Monica is so close to me! How exciting! It's great to hear about all you guys are doing. You will be in my prayers for sure. How long are you going to be in this area?

Amy Erickson