Tuesday, July 03, 2007

I miss our truck

We left our truck in slo for the summer. Before we came here (santa monica. see below) we took it for a short camp out. It did so great. I miss it.


Lisa said...

Hey me and your truck miss you too! When are you guys coming back? I drove by your apartment the other day and was sad when I saw your truck there all alone.

Lisa said...

PS Carrie good news, a peets coffee is coming to Downtown SLO!!!

Jeremy Spears said...

Hey guys! Dude, hows it going? We miss you two quite a bit. We'll have to hang out for sure soon, I think you guys should be heading home pretty quick now, it's almost been six weeks. I hope everything is going well. Okay, I'm about to head home after a long day here, talk to you guys soon!

-Lisa's other half