Saturday, October 27, 2007


In honor of my friend Emily, I've decided to try taking a picture a day. Just for fun. And besides the bulkiness of carrying my camera all over the place, it has been fun! Here's a picture I took the other day (on Emily's birthday, as luck would have it) at the apple farm. We had been going through boxes and boxes of fuji apples trying to find some decent sizes (they were all really small). It was a delightful mess.

Also, that same day I ran into an old neighbor of ours. He came into the apple farm and looked exactly as I had remembered him. Thinking he'd be much older looking by now, I timidly asked him who he was, and it was a fun reunion. He was the fun, grandfatherly neighbor my brother and I grew up around. He gave me my first motorcycle ride- much to mom's trepidation. I love small world moments.

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Anonymous said...

You just wait until your first-born is on the back of a motorcycle!! Mom