Wednesday, October 31, 2007

Most Ridiculous Holiday Ever

Despite the fact that Halloween* is the most ridiculous holiday ever, we at least took advantage of a few small American traditions as an excuse for a party with our Bible study group. We dressed up (somewhat) and carved pumpkins. I got the most gigantic pumpkin ever at work (not sure how much it weighed but it took two of us to carry) and we actually had a fun time carving it. I bought a nifty (and 50% off) battery powered carving knife too (yes it was that cool). Greg dressed as Michael Scott, complete with World's Best Boss mug, and I was Jan- it was awesome. Our favorite costume of the night was probably Tim's cleverly attached sign to his shirt that read: "nudist on strike."

Notice the HUGE pumpkin....

Our pumpkin, Pierre (the name came from the fact that his "hat" sort of looked like a beret, then we decided it looked more like a crown but the name stuck).

*Halloween is actually a horrible celebration in some parts of the world. I am referring to the general American celebrations involving small children "trick or treat"ing around nice neighborhoods or college students/girls wearing skimpy clothing for a night on the town.

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Jen said...

Looks like fun! Now I really wish I had stopped by just to see the Michael Scott & Jan costumes. :)