Wednesday, October 24, 2007

Shane and Shane - Pages Album

We've been long-time listeners (7 years) of Shane and Shane, two ridiculously good guitarists/vocalists that write more unique and heartfelt lyrics than the majority of Christian artists. And, they finally made their way to California this week, so we drove for a few hours on Tuesday to see them play in person.

What I love most about these guys is that they're just normal dudes who happen to have some musical talent, and who drive around the country playing songs to encourage the body. Their hearts are clearly genuine, with an honest desire to bless people with great music.

If you haven't heard it yet, the Pages album is (in my opinion) the best Shane and Shane album to date. Packed with unique, thought-provoking lyrics that will both challenge and encourage your soul, these two Shane's voices blend together better than chocolate milk! (thanks to Carrie for the clever visual.) Seriously though, these guys can rock the house. You can check out snippets of songs on their website:

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questionsaboutfaith said...

Tell me more about Shane n Shane. Their version of "In the Secret" is very well done :)