Wednesday, November 14, 2007

Pictures of the Day Cont.

Here are some pictures of the day that I've taken recently. Most of them are of work since that's where I spend most of my time.

Our winter squash. Doesn't it look so lovely?

On Saturdays Greg works with me! Cheese, wheat thins, and apples- standard lunch. Greg was an added bonus in this picture.

At work the other day Andrew was goofing off and somehow managed to stack apples on top of each other (it was a slow day). I thought it was worthy of a picture.

I usually do laundry on my days off like any normal person. Except last week our washer was broken, so I went to the laundromat. Again like any normal person I wanted to maximize time, so I decided to read and journal there. I'm pretty sure that's never been done before. I bought a latte in an attempt to disguise the atmosphere a bit. Didn't work too well but the ipod helped a bunch.

Greg's been playing baseball with a few guys from church on Monday nights. Their track record isn't too good but it's been fun. This week was the last week and I'm kinda glad because it's been real cold. I'll miss seeing Sara, Mandi and Becca every week though.... This is Greg up to bat.

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