Thursday, December 27, 2007

Christmas Week ... in Pictures

"Tour de California" was the song of our Christmas this year. SLO to Stockton to Rocklin to Bakersfield, back to SLO in four days... Some pictures from the weekend (ps - we took 968 pictures, so choosing 8 wasn't easy!)

Click pictures to enlarge...

Mom and family at Brad & Megan's house in Orangevale

All the Gloecklers & Chesneys in Bakersfield

Carrie and our beautiful niece Abigail.

Greg and our beautiful niece Abigail.

Nephew Jacob playing with his Christmas present. Dog licking face.

Here ya go Kurt. We said we'd get you some blog time. Payments can be made out to your lovely sister, Carrie M Squires.

Grandpa's craaaazy dog, Corky. Seriously, the most spaz dog you've ever met.

Christmas is over. Once again, the location for our retired Christmas tree is the big green can. Trimmed down to its nakedness, with a little ball left at the top to preserve an ounce of dignity.

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Megan said...

I'm glad to see that out of 968 pics that our kids made it in 3 of the top 8! Way to go!