Sunday, February 10, 2008

Talley Vineyards - and a warm Feburary weekend

In the spirit of blogging pictures (which is what we've been prone to of late), here's a few from the weekend. I won't dare begin this blog post with "Well, it's been awhile...", cause that's what we all struggling bloggers say. New content is a tough thing to come by! So, to all my fellow bloggers out there: stay strong, don't give up, and even if it's just a few thoughts from the day, POST it! It's better than nothing. ;-)

My dad came to visit for the weekend. We enjoyed the unseasonably warm weather, visited a few wineries (Talley Vineyards pictured), and took a few pics.


Talley Vineyards has an amazing view. Cilantro fields surrounded by green-ing mountains, just a few miles from Lopez Lake. Talley is well worth a visit.

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