Saturday, March 01, 2008

Shaver Lake Sled Dog Races and some Snow Play

Wireless internet in the cabin at the snow.... so, we've got to take advantage of this blogging opportunity ;-)

We went to see some sled dog races today near Shaver Lake. These people are certainly a "microculture" of society, one which we are mostly unfamiliar. Mostly hobbyists, who enjoy raising and racing their Huskies across the snow, these sled dog racers are pretty interesting to watch.

As the dogs line up to begin their race, they yip and growl like they're about to attack somebody.... they're super excited to get racin'. They don't have quite the same eagerness as they cross the finish line, that's for sure.

Definitely enjoyed some tubing as well. Notice the interlocking of the double tube. Snow sport ingenuity at its finest.

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