Saturday, April 26, 2008

Unite Service Day at Alpha Academy

Our small group got together this Saturday to volunteer at the Alpha Academy in SLO, a program that exists to "mentor young adults seeking direction in acquiring the spiritual, emotional, and physical skills necessary to lead successful, responsible, lives." We spent a few hours digging holes and planting a bunch of trees around the grounds. We had a blast! Doing things like this on a Saturday is one of the best ways to spend some weekend time. Plus, it was a good chance for our group to get some time serving together. We meet weekly for Bible study, and sometimes hang out for dinner and other activities, but we don't often do service projects together that can impact the community like this. Some pictures below:

The Alpha Academy is doing some cool stuff, and they're figuring out ways to run a service organization through profitable enterprise. They run a pet resort at the same location and often sell used cars to generate revenue. Its located on Buckley Road, just down the street from Shopatron, where I work.


Jen said...

Hey, guys, thanks for the pics. I totally stole them and used them in my blog post, which you can find, Carrie, by clicking on my name. ;)

We need to do this more often!

nchristianh said...

THANK YOU guys so much! The place looks great. I appreciate you giving up your Saturday to serve.