Friday, August 08, 2008

Chinese Olympics & Fried Rice

This might be one of the best Friday nights we've had in a while. I'm convinced that the harder you work during the week, the more refreshing are your restful weekends. I've always been a work hard - play hard kind of guy, so lately it's been just that.

To celebrate the kickoff of this well-deserved weekend, we combined some Day 1 Chinese Olympics with some homemade fried rice. Both Carrie and I couldn't get the thought of some kind of Chinese food away from our growling stomachs for some reason (I'm convinced that visits to American Chinese restaurants will have a nice peak this summer as Americans watch the Olympic games in China, but we'll see). Speaking of the Olympics, did you know that MSNBC is offering live and on-demand coverage of all of the Olympic events, including badminton, fencing, and even JUDO?? We've been enjoying some soccer tonight.... Though Japan had at least 4-5 close goal attempts, the US pulled away with a 1-0 victory in its first match.

the wok finally got a little action...


Aaron said...

That is the hottest pink shirt for a dude I've seen since 1988! Rock it hard bro.

CoachZ said...

I was gonna say that...shoot! I tried to watch the soccer game online, but fell asleep ;) Don't feel bad I can only watch hockey.

mom said...

That pink shirt is probably from 1988!

Court said...

Thanks for your comment on our blog. I was just thinking of you yesterday! We went ot AVB and I thought of you and the Apple Farm you had blogged about. I had to come to your blog and check it out. I think we will go this weekend.
As I was looking for that post, I realized from the picture on this post that we have the same kitchen rugs! So cute...Target for $3!!!
Hope you guys are doing good. We should be back out to the games when they are early enough for the kiddos now that school is back in.
Take Care!!!