Sunday, October 12, 2008

Why I love my wife

Here I am, on day #13 as a bachelor. As duly noted by my lovely wife in the last post, Carrie has spent the last 2 weeks in Uganda! She's currently in-the-air on her way back, and needless to say - I'm very excited to see her. She's had a great trip and has seen some awesome things. Stay tuned for updates on the blog here in the next week or two...

So, we've been married for two+ great years, and this time apart eerily reminds us both of our long-distance days while dating in a foreign country. Phone calls on Skype, several text messages back and forth throughout the day (yes, we've been internationally-texting to and from Uganda!) - it has certainly brought a refreshing reminder of how blessed I am to have such a wonderful wife.

After 13 days of bachelor-reflection, I've realized how different my life would be if I was not married to Carrie:

1. I would find a way to fill every minute of my day. (she helps me rest)
2. I would just be way too busy, and then crash and burn after weeks of endless "stuff".
3. I would work more and work later. (she brings me home.)
4. I would be missing out on some of the most joyful times of my life. (she makes me smile)
5. I would eat poorly. (confessions: frozen pizzas, taco bell, etc.)
6. I think I'd be a little more serious about life. (she helps me make things light-hearted.)
7. I would not have a person in my home that encourages and challenges me in just the right ways at just the right times.

There are several more I'm sure. I'm so blessed to have a beautiful wife that has changed my life for the better. Can't wait to see her tomorrow and have her back.

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