Saturday, November 08, 2008

A Lighthearted Spin On More Bad News

It's pretty sad and dreary to read any news headlines these days. Recession, unemployment, foreclosures, failing businesses - each downfall leading to more of the same. So, in an effort to do our part and stimulate a struggling economy, we ventured to the soon-to-be-out-of-business Mervyns. Both of us grew up shopping at Mervyns, so we shared a brief moment of sadness as we walked in the door. Then, we were greeted by some ironic and contradictory signage that had to be shared! ''We're going out of business next month, but we're hiring too! ... Any takers? Anyone?''


Beth Sekishiro said...

wow, that's hilarious. I suppose if you only wanted to work a few weeks...:op

Aaron said...

that truly belongs on FailBlog:

LOS ATKINS said...

wow. ridiculous. speaking of ironies, you mentioned metro is a good spot to go for foreign stuff. the pics on our blog of the frogs are from METRO!we actually have one about 20 minutes away. pretty amazing to find tortillas, syrup, and more than one kind of cereal all in one place! we didn't have a membership, but just did the ol' "ting bu dong" when they asked for our cards, and then they swiped some special card. anyway, hope all is well. say hi to the study folks for us!