Saturday, November 08, 2008

More Roommate Fun

I'm still reminiscing about last weekend, so I thought I'd post more pictures. Every weekend I remember how much I love living in SLO.

We had to show Scott Big Sky for breakfast. YUM.

I love this man.

Although differently, I love this girl too.

Don't you want to live here too?


Brad said...

I love that last pic, but it's missing four very important people :) Come move to Sacramento already!

emily rose said...

thanks carrie. i love you the same sort of way.

Lisa said...

Hey Thanks for rubbing it in!!! Still missing SLO and the people, but Burbank is really growing on me. We moved to a duplex with a yard by the park! SWEET, we can watch people play tennis to our hearts content. Love the hair cut, so cute. Look for our Christmas card coming soon... MERRY CHRISTMAS