Monday, December 29, 2008

Our Christmas Tree

We love having a real Christmas tree, but it came down today. Christmas is over and the new year is soon! Here are some random fun facts about our Christmas tree:

1. We bought ours at The Home Depot. Not ideal, but the price is right.
2. It only smells good for the first week. Then, kinda stale.
3. We feel nice when we wake up in the morning and walk into the living room to see our tree all lit up.
4. It also makes us feel good when it's gone. We appreciate even the slightest extra room.
5. Our tree is decorated in white lights with red, white and silver ornaments. Simple is the way we like it.
6. Its final resting place is our green waste trash can (this year's pic to come).

Farewell, O Christmas Tree. It's been real.

1 comment:

Alisa Marie said...

Tad & I have always gotten our tree from Home Depot. They have reasonable prices, and the type i like! But this year we put up a fake one. Its a lot less needles... but a lot less pine smell.