Saturday, January 24, 2009

Rainy Saturday Reflections

What better to do on a rainy Saturday than laundry, make salsa, and drink tea? I could skip the laundry but the tea so far is great! That's how boring we are today. I did manage to go to lunch with a dear friend at The Natural Cafe and it was so good- both the food and the company.

I've been thinking a lot lately about how blessed we are. I want to cherish every moment of living here- even if we always do- because we love it here. I want to be okay with not having kids yet and cherish the Saturdays I have alone with Greg. I want to be okay with the car I drive and not wish I had my truck back! I want to enjoy our little place and not always be thinking of a house to live in someday. There is so much warmth in contentment. We are so blessed- to live in this place, to enjoy going to work each day, to come home to each other. The Lord is good. And the thing is, he will always be good, even if we don't have a nice place to live, or good jobs or jobs at all, or even each other to come home to. The Lord is good to all, he has compassion on all that he has made.

So since I've been thinking about these things and about how blessed we are right now, I am starting to be afraid of messing it up. Like making a decision that changes something and then never being able to go back to what was. It's a nice reminder that the Lord is good, he's constant, and that even when we have seasons of hardships, he will be there with us to guide us along. I know because I've had these seasons. Seasons of frustrations and pain, of disappointment and discontent. He was there then, he's here now, and he'll be here in the future. It's simple, maybe trite to some, but it's true and I'm clinging to it.


Court said...

Love this post. I love those times of reflections on God's goodness even when times are tough!
I have to also say, that I love what you had to say about spending time with Greg. I always encourage my friends with no kids yet to enjoy eachother. I wish I would have savored more my time with Aaron pre-kids. Now with kids is amazing, but our alone time is not as much. So enjoy your husband, be spontaneous, and soak in each day you two will be amazing parents:)
Thanks for the great reminder to be thankful and content!

jeninslo said...

I love this post too. You and Greg are such a great couple and a couple of great individuals, too. :)