Monday, February 09, 2009

Wildflower and Lifewater

Greg and I have taken up running. Not sure how that happened for me, but it's okay because it's a good thing. Actually, it probably has to do with my workplace, since athletic events turn out to be a good place to raise money!

Come May 3, Greg and I are participating in the Wildflower Triathlon. We're part of a relay team (separate teams) and are each participating in the running portion of the triathlon- a 10k. This is also great because a few weeks later we'll be climbing Half Dome, so we'll be in tip top shape!

We're running in Wildflower to help raise funds and awareness for Lifewater International (my a fore mentioned workplace) and the need for safe water, adequate sanitation, and effective hygiene in our world today. This is how you can help (warning: action item): sponsor us!

Go to and there you will find a really easy way to sponsor us for Wildflower. Absolutely all of your donation goes directly to Lifewater. We're trying to raise $1000 so we need a lot of you to help! Did I mention it's a fully tax deductible donation?

Also, we need a different donation page picture. Any ideas?

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