Monday, April 06, 2009

Soccer Tournament in SLO & Camera Testing

We've had a ton of fun things going on lately... too much fun time, not enough blog time. So though it's been a while, here are a couple from the past few months:

Carrie's getting pretty good with the camera we got last year. She was taking some pictures at a soccer tournament I played in, and she got this one... I was pretty impressed! Ball in focus, right in the middle of 3 dudes (looking kind of awkard, actually). Nice work!

We spent some time in Shell Beach a few weeks ago. It was a pretty cold spring morning, but worth the trip. This one little bird was ridiculously courageous. He let me get so close to him without budging. So I just kept clickin' and he kept posing. I think he was on to my schemes, though. Once I got my last shot, he flew off and I came about 6 inches from getting pooped on.


Megan Squires said...

Carrie...if you can focus on a ball that is flying toward you, you should definitely go into children's photography! Talk about a moving target! I'm impressed!

jeninslo said...

Nice! I'm impressed, too. I need to get back to taking photos; I think I'm losing what little ability I did have. :p

Justin said...

cool bro! :) miss you man.