Friday, April 03, 2009

Two Wheelin in Cayucos

We took the 2 wheel out last weekend. Carrie didn't want to drive - she figured she'd minimize her risk of losing me (and keep me from doing something crazy on 2 wheels) by riding on the same bike as me. She was right. Kept it nice and slow 'round the turns. At least I didn't do what I did last time.

We had a good time, we'll be back on the bikes again! Thanks mom and dad for letting us use 'em.


Linda Z said...

Sweet! Patrick and I used to ride in the dunes together!! :)

Edel said...

I've never ride a motorcycle. (Tianhui)

mom said...

Thank goodness you have a wise and courageous wife!!!

Noah said...

Glad you made it out unscathed on this trip.

Watch out for BIG RIGS!