Friday, May 01, 2009

April Update: Easter in Bakersfield, Shaver Lake with Unite

April's been a busy month. Carrie said today that "I'm just getting over February flying by!". Crazy times.

So here are a few pictures from this past month:

For Easter, we were in Bakersfield. We had another round of 'round the world Ping Pong.

Another weekend later, we surprised Mom and Dad for their 30th Anniversary with a little surprise party. They were shocked.

And last weekend, we went up to Shaver Lake with our Unite group. Highlight for me was card-tossing into a bowl. Five guys in a circle can always create a competition with minimal resources. Some of us were > 75% in some rounds!

Our friends Jen & Joe brought their dogs Roscoe & Bella, which we have adopted as our pseudo-pets. We like these guys...

Carrie got this nice shot from the outside looking in.

And lastly: TapTap Revenge 2 is one of our latest iPhone finds. Just think: Guitar Hero meets DDR... with your fingers. Notice the faceoff position this game requires. Carrie and I often bump heads when she challenges me. She's only beat me once. ;-)

Matt: I want the high score.


CoachZ said...

I like how Jonathan is so close...cheater!

Linda Z said...

Wow... you guys are some seriously creative peeps! I especially like the round the world ping pong...can you say cardio? :)

jeninslo said...

The year may be flying by, but at least you're making the most of it! Busy people!!

I love the shot looking in. Can I steal it? :)

Toni said...

Love the action shot of me at ping pong. very flattering. thanks guys :)