Tuesday, May 05, 2009


What a weekend! Thanks so much to those who sponsored us for our Wildflower triathlon- we had a good time! Greg wowed me by running 7:38 minute miles and I... well, I came in at my consistent 10:30. Whatever gets the job done, right? Here are some pictures... (thanks Lindsay & Sada for the great shots!).

It was a great day for weather- on the warm, slightly humid side but clouds came in right before our run to hold off the direct heat. Seriously, I think Jesus heard my prayer because we ran in the middle of the day and it was getting really hot with the sun blazing.

Greg and I before the race. I was nervous before arriving at Wildflower but once we were there I was getting pretty excited about it. Super glad I have my nerdy running hat.

My relay team: Team Hygiene (from water, sanitation, and hygiene... get it? Lifewater theme here). When I crossed the finish line the announcer said "... and here comes Team Hygiene.... Hygiene, uh? How's your hygiene now?" Silly announcer.

Here's Greg running out of the transition area to begin his crazy fast 10K sprint.
And only a short 47 minutes and 19 seconds later he crosses the finish line. I like the way Sada put it- Greg is too fast for his shirt!

All in all, the race went well. At about mile 4, I decided that I don't much like races. I just like to go out on my own and run. It was nice for people to cheer but really I just don't want to be noticed. Having a race helped me train, so I have to think of another motivating factor that will still get me running. First things first though- we're running Miracle Miles at the end of the month so I can't slack off too much! Why do I get myself into these things?


jeninslo said...

"Having a race helped me train, so I have to think of another motivating factor that will still get me running. "

How about a sweet dog who is being cruelly neglected by her people and needs to go running regularly? ;)

I laughed out loud at the "Greg's too fast for his shirt" comment.

Congrats to both of you! I'm so impressed.

Lindsay said...


Linda Z said...

Great job! I so admire people who can run! I was totally wiped at Mirace Miles last year... and I walked.! :P