Sunday, July 05, 2009

Moving Day

We moved! Moving is only fun if you like the place you're moving to because the actual act of moving is such a pain! We were blessed by all the help we had moving- something like 5 trucks and 10 people so it seemed to go pretty fast.

Some of the guys helping lift the piano into a trailer.

Greg and the guys putting the final things into the trailer. I forgot to take pictures until the very end (because I was working so hard of course) so the guys did WAY MORE than this picture depicts....

Autumn, Emily, and Jessica were a huge help too- helping me finish cleaning and Emily even sacrificed the back of her car for my dirty gardening stuff! Thanks, Em!

The kitchen at the new place had some cleaning out to be done.... This was my task on Friday as the guys put in flooring (see below).

Kurt gives an encouraging word as Greg and my dad finish putting in the last piece of the flooring! Greg's dad was there too lending a hand and many years of fix-it experience!

They worked until past dark finalizing everything.... we were all pretty tired the next day but it was worth it- I love this floor!! Thanks guys for all your help and hard work.

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Megan Tabangcora said...

Congrats on the new home! It's beautiful.