Saturday, September 19, 2009

New Hobby

I was going to title this blog post something like "Our recent comings and goings" when I realized we haven't come and gone at all. It's more like we have a new hobby: yard work. And it's hard work! I've mainly watched from the sidelines as Greg (with help from my brother Kurt) have undertaken work of mass proportions.

We had these massive, obtrusive, water sucking oleanders. Good for the freeways, not for my yard. The first attempt to escort them from the premises involved a heavy duty chain, 4-wheel drive, and one recruitment.

It was unsuccessful. They wouldn't budge, threatening to stay here forever with their poisonous selves. Call for reinforcements!

Bobcat to the rescue, part necessity, part fun.


Finally, my contribution. Don't you think this will look like a nice boxwood hedge in a few years?

Next up: the fence. Starting with the posts.

He got up at 6am to do this, ladies and gentlemen! What dedication! What determination!

My handsome man. Making this place our home sweet home!


Rebecca Henderson said...

Nice hard work! It's looking great!

Kylerito said...

There is no way that the Toyota failed at pulling those stumps out? Looks great!

Linda Z said...

That's the joy of home ownership! :) You guys are doing such a great job!