Saturday, July 10, 2010

False Alarm

My doctor is on call this weekend, so I've definitely gotten my hopes up that baby should come today or tomorrow. I know, I know. The doc doesn't even get there until the very end, gotcha. But I like my doctor. And I would like it if he was there for the delivery, even though I expect I won't really care in the moment.

Yesterday we had a false alarm. For various reasons that I won't elaborate on here, I thought that there was a chance my water broke. One of those reasons is because I started feeling contractions shortly thereafter. They continued for a few hours, and while difficult to determine when one started and ended, they were more painful that I had experienced in days previous and I thought surely that it was the beginning! Hopes = UP.

Wrong. Everything just stopped. I went to bed thinking, hoping that I would have to wake Greg up in just a few short hours because they had started again and were back with vengeance. Alas, this was not the case. Just a few uneventful trips to the bathroom.

After a very early morning walk, food, and more out and about trips to try and get things going again, I called my gracious on-call doctor. I'm pretty sure there's no way he could have told me not to worry when I explained that my water MIGHT have broken even though I had doubts, so he advised we go to the hospital to get things checked out.

We did and no need to worry- water still intact and I'm hardly dilated. So more walks around the block and more things to bake are in the agenda today and likely tomorrow. I'm glad we went though- I was starting to worry about the whole water breaking thing. This is a not so flattering picture of me on the monitors at the hospital. Hearing baby's heartbeat was a nice reassurance that she's fine and hearing her hiccups made us laugh.

And now I smell like the hospital because I used their soap to wash my hands.

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