Saturday, September 04, 2010

7 weeks!

Our sweet pea is 7 weeks old! Time seemed to hold still during those first few weeks, but since then it has made up for lost and is going by much faster. We are loving getting to know her, watching her grow and learn, and are becoming quite the efficient diaper changers.

Mainly, this post is for us to remember and look back on her accomplishments.

At seven weeks:
*She's smiling a LOT more, as evidenced by the above photo. Her favorite place to smile is on the changing table- I guess a clean diaper would do that to me, too.
*She is a great night sleeper and a horrible day sleeper. We will take it. She can sleep from 5 to 6 hours at night, but during the day it's tough to get her to stay asleep for 45 minutes. Sometimes my (Carrie's) whole day is spent trying to get her to fall asleep!
*She is finding her voice and making a lot of new sounds!
*She's more likely to wriggle her way out of her swaddle nowadays (Greg calls her Houdini) which just means we have to be more careful to wrap her tight. In efforts to help her sleep longer, we've purchased a Miracle Blanket - a miracle indeed and well worth the $$. She looks like a little baby burrito:
*Getting out of the house with her is still a bit challenging at this point, mainly due to intimidation (what do I do if she has a crying fit in the middle of the store?!) and also because she is supposed to take naps after being up for no more than 2 hours! We've managed to make it to church on Sundays and to a mom's group on Wednesdays. This may seem silly to seasoned moms (especially moms of multiples) but, hey, it's where I am.
*She is clearly recognizing our voices and it sure makes us feel good when we say something from across the room and she breaks out into a huge smile.
*She doesn't really like to be in the car seat so we have to plan trips according to when we think she'll be the happiest. We recently took a long trip north and I rode in the back almost the whole time while offering my finger for her to suck (she doesn't keep a pacifier but we're still trying!).
*She loves her swing except when it's time to sleep.
*We love love love this little babe!

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katy said...

Hi Carrie. :)
I found your blog from Lorie and Megs. We have babes only a few weeks apart! How fun. She's a cutie!!

I totally understand your sacrificing. Miles is allergic to ridiculous amounts of food and my diet it SO bland. I've heard they grow out of it in a few months but it is hard!! I keep telling myself it's probably a good thing that I can't have any sweets cause hopefully it will allow me to lose baby weight faster!!

FYI: I try to get out of the house every day but it is one of the most intimidating things I've ever done! My biggest fear has come true on a few occasions and I break out into a serious sweat. You are not alone!

SO fun to find your blog and read about your sweet girl. Hope you and Greg are doing great! It's definitely a new season.