Friday, September 24, 2010

Baby Leggings

We are having terrific weather here. Cool in the mornings and evenings, and warm in the afternoons. Delightful. I find, however, that it is difficult to dress a baby in layers. Sweaters are a nice idea, but really they just don't work. Jumpers with footsies are really cute (and good for winter time!) but harder to get on and off and a little too hot now for my little one in her swaddle. Onesies are my outfit of choice for their ease and diaper accessibility. My problem? I think baby pants look weird. Enter my solution: baby leggings.

I looked around for leggings at my favorite online store and was rather surprised at the prices. $12 for pants without the bottoms? Not a fan. Then I found My Little Legs! They have leggings for half the price I found from others and they run discounts the more you purchase. I was only going to buy two, but they suckered me into buying four with their discount (it worked!). Plus, free shipping. A golden opportunity.

These leggings have been awesome. Baby gets warm quickly so it is super convenient to just take off her leggings instead of change her whole outfit. When I take her for a run in the mornings, I usually put these on her at first, but as she warms up in the sun I can take them off without hardly having to stop.

Another bonus point for fast shipping. I ordered them on a Saturday night and received them in the mail on Tuesday. That's two shipping days people. So fast, so free, so great.

I happen to think she looks adorable with them on. Plus, they seem like they will fit her for a long time.

Here she is ready for a run in her leggings with mommy.

The only bummer is that they added some more leggings on their site that are adorable after I bought the four I did. Wouldn't one of these make a great costume for my Sweet Pea?


Lindsay said...

Oh my goodness, I can hardly handle the cuteness. She is such a little dumpling! Tell her to stop growing until we get back. Thanks.

Megan said...

Carrie...totally blogstalking! I was looking through blogs while my kids nap. Never visited yours before. But I hear your pretty voice on our old SLO worship CDS often! But, you can make your own. Use the $2 knee highs from Target. Go to and see her tutorial.

Anonymous said...

Hello! I am the owner of My Little Legs. I accessed our analytics and came across your blog. Thanks for the great review, your daughter looks great in them!

Carrie Squires said...

Thanks for the tip Megan! I am not known for my sewing abilities but I'm going to give this a shot!

@mylittlelegs- love what you have going!