Friday, September 24, 2010

Ten weeks ago she was in my belly.

Have I mentioned time is going by quickly? When Sweet Pea was about 3 weeks old, I remember asking my friend who had a 9 week old at the time, "How do you make it to 9 weeks??" Each day, while loving our little babe, was crawling by and I couldn't see how 9 weeks would ever be here. She's 10 weeks old today! And all smiles.

Isn't she cute?

This was the day (when she was about 8 weeks old) when I realized that she is starting to fit into her THREE month old clothing. This little footsie outfit looked so big but then it fit! Crazy.

She likes hanging out in our bed in the early mornings before Daddy goes to work.

Thanks Great Grandma for her beautiful quilt, little hat, and book!

I'm so thankful for a bunch of these purple outfits from her second cousins (once removed), K & K. I think she looks fabulous in purple.

I'm also thankful for these two things. Well okay, three. I'm thankful she has feet. But I'm also thankful for these socks she got from her cousin. They're awesome and she has them in practically every color! Also, leggings. Leggings are awesome, particularly these*. I only bought a few, but I wish I could have them all (plus they added some more after I bought mine!) It's been cool in the mornings and evenings, but gets warm in the afternoons, so I can just take them off! Great for Sweet Pea, who seems to get warm rather quickly.

Since being two months old:

She was finally able to meet her Great Aunt Julie & Uncle Dave, with whom she shares a birthday, and of course her first cousins (once removed). I wish I would have remembered to take pictures of them!

She laughs now! It's the best feeling ever to be able to get a laugh from her.

She had her first round of immunizations- hard to watch! I'm thankful for this book- at least I could feel informed about what she was getting and why it was important.

She is tolerating her carseat more, and sleeping more during the day! Yay! She slept 9 hours without eating for the first time a few nights ago! I of course checked on her multiple times because it was so weird. She has since gone back to waking up for her 4am feeding, but maybe a full night sleep is right around the corner? If not, it's definitely tolerable getting up just once at 4.

My world is now immersed in laundry- we're onto cloth diapers now! So far so good. I'm glad for our outdoor clothesline.

Little sweet pea is not so little any more, relatively speaking. She's in the 78th percentile for weight and 66th for height. It's true what they say- she is growing up so fast!

*These leggings deserve a whole post. Stay tuned.

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